ILMerge is a tool to merge several .NETs into a single file. Download ILMerge for free now and you will be able to pack files very easily and effectively

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ILMerge is a utility that allows you to join several .NET files into a single one. On many occasions, when the .NET development environment is used, people would like to have an assembler at hand to be able to create a single executable file or that will allow you to create any development in the best possible way.

  Among the options available in ILMerge, you will have the possibility to use it from the command line console, even though it is also possible to use it by means of an interface, but it has to be installed separately. Microsoft offers many options when it comes to controlling the behavior of ILMerge, all of them perfectly documented.

  ILMerge works by means of .NET, preferably with version 2.0 even though it integrates perfectly with the earlier versions. Nevertheless, it is only capable of combining PDB files from the second version of the framework by Microsoft.

  The functionality of ILMerge comes due to how easy it allows us to generate files from various executables, libraries and other files that any development based on .NET Framework needs.
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