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ilovepdf is an online service to merge and split PDF files for free. Create PDFs from several documents or divide them if they are too big with ilovepdf

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Don't make life more difficult for yourself when it comes to merging or splitting PDF documents. ilovepdf is a webapp that allows you to carry out these operations with PDF files directly on the cloud, without installations. The only requirement is to enter the web with your favourite browser.

Online tool to merge and split PDFs.

The website is divided into two parts, one for the merge of files and the other for the splitting of documents.

Features of ilovepdf

  • Merge or split up to 10 PDF files, 20 in the Premium version.
  • Maximum file size: 80 MB for merging and 10 MB for splitting in the free version, 200 MB and 20 MB respectively for Premium members.
  • Download links available for 60 minutes (free version) or 24 hours (Premium).

Handle your PDF documents comfortably. If you want to create a single document using different files or if, on the other hand, your intention is to split a large DPF into smaller files, access ilovepdf for free.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The free version has certain limitations.
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