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Establish full control over your Internet connection once you download IM Lock. Control the access to contents that you deem unsuitable with IM Lock

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There are so many things that can be found on the Internet, that it's easy to end up where we shouldn't, and it is also very easy to lose the notion of time to such an extent that it's sometimes better to put a limit to its use. To make this kind of restrictions easier we have IM Lock, that allows you to easily configure the services and programs that will be able to be launched.

  This program allows you to block any kind of web, instant messaging applications (like MSN Messenger) and all sorts of services related with the web (including adult services). IM Locker allows you to program these blocks, in such a way that, for example, we can block access to any of these services until 21:00 so that the children study and an adult can supervise what they are doing with the computer.

  IM Locker is specially adapted to block and restrict instant messaging clients, allowing you to customize the block for MSN/Live Messenger, Yahoo!, AOL,... It updates automatically because many of the applications change how they work with each new version.

  On the other hand, if a web is blocked it is possible to redirect the user to another site, so if we block Facebook or Tuenti, we can redirect the person that is trying to enter either of these social networks to visit the Wikipedia, for example.

  All in all, IM Lock is a good program to control how the Internet is accessed in our household. It is a very useful tool for parents that are worried about the privacy of their children, and the way they use the Internet.
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