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1.0 Image Snatcher is a different screen capturer, it automatically uploads the capture to the developer's website. Capture whatever you do with Image Snatcher
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The task of capturing your computer's screen and the uploading the image obtained becomes easier thanks to Image Snatcher.

Upload the captures directly

The purpose of Image Snatcher is none other than to send the screen captures directly to an online storage space from where the use will be able to access them whenever he needs them.

The screen capture creation process is very simple, because all that will be necessary will be to click two times on the executable file and then establish with the mouse the area that will be captured and Image Snatcher will take care of sending it directly to his website.

Share your screen captures very easily.

This allows the users to access an easy and quick way to share the screen captures, because it will only be necessary to provide the people interested with the URL of the capture.

Additionally, for pay users, Image Snatcher offers the possibility to store the images in PNG format and eliminate those that are no longer need or that have already been used.

Therefore, if you need to access an easy way to upload your screen captures to the web you can download Image Snatcher free.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This application requires an active Internet connection to upload captures.
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Image Snatcher
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