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imaginBank - Your mobile bank offers you all the essential functions any customer of the former La Caixa may need, totally free of charge and without fees

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Managing your bank accounts from your phone became a usual thing some time ago. The problem is that sometimes we come across bank apps that offer us many more functions that what we really need to be able to operate with our cards and control our expenses.

For such purpose, CaixaBank, the former La Caixa, has released the imaginBank - Your mobile bank app for Android, a financial management application focused on all sorts of clients but especially on the youngest ones who don't usually need to carry out complex operations. Become part of LKXA, the bank's program for youngsters.

What can I do with this application?

To find out what this application is about, the best thing you can do is download its APK and try out all its functions:

  • Carry out basic operations related to your accounts, bills, invoices, transfers, and cards.
  • Control and manage your personal finances, savings, mobile payments, and control your domestic economy.
  • Turn your smartphone into a wallet and use it to pay at different places.
  • Locate nearby ATM machines for when you run out of cash.
  • Operate with your bank account without fees or any kind of conditions.
  • Use the VISA Imagin card totally free of charge.
  • Send money to your friends without paying any fees.
  • Create a contact list and speed up money transfers.
  • Compare your income and expenses at a simple glance.
  • Possibility to set up direct deposits.

This application has been developed to offer all the essential that any bank user may need on his phone.

The application's design is really simple, splitting all the contents into three well-differentiated blocks:

  • My money: from here you can control your account, all the movements such as income and expenses, and your balance available.
  • Bills: control your expenses and establish predictions controlling all the expenditures set up as direct debits in your account.
  • Purchases with a card: check your summary of card expenses broken down with charts and purchase lists in chronological order.
  • Imagin PAY: from this section, you can send money to other people via email or telephone number, as well as being able to withdraw money without requiring a card, you'll just receive an SMS.

Bear in mind that being an imaginBank client can provide you with discounts on leisure, travels, restaurants... However, as you can imagine, you'll need to be a customer of this bank but don't worry because becoming a CaixaBank client is fast and you can do so with the app.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
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