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Search and find information about cinema and TV at IMDb, the largest database on the net. Films, releases, directors, actors... All this and more at IMDb

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If you like the world of cinema and TV series you should start using IMDb (Internet Movie Database), the largest database on Internet about the movie industry. Here you will be able to look up all kinds of information about films and series, directors, actors and actresses, producers, film studios... It is the perfect place to find out everything about the latest releases and to check data about any film or series.


  • Large database with more than 2 million films and series and over 4 million files about authors, directors, actors and actresses, producers and screenwriters.
  • Look up nominees and winners for hundreds of prizes like the Oscars, Golden Globes, etc.
  • Release calendar, both for cinemas as well as on DVD or Blu-ray.
  • Create your own profile to browse the web.
  • Access debate forums.

Enter IMDb and take part together with the rest of users of the community exclusively dedicated to the world of movies and TV. Write your own criticism, score movies, give your opinion about characters... IMDb is the ideal place for real movie lovers.

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