Have you always wanted to create a meme to transmit an idea or simply to have a laugh, now you will only have to download iMeme to be able to do so

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The basic idea of an Internet meme is to be able to transmit the information or idea behind an image and a small text. Now, once you download iMeme to your personal computer you'll find it very easy to do so.

You choose

iMeme includes 50 templates that can be modified with top and bottom texts, with the possibility to be able to align the texts to the left, center and right.

Among the other possibilities offered by iMeme, you'll also be able to find:

  • Use any image from the computer to be able to convert it into a meme.
  • Change the size of the text and its alignment.
  • Print directly from the application.
  • Save the resulting meme image as a PNG image or to copy it to the clipboard.
  • Allows to upload memes straight to imgur.
  • Publish images directly on reddit.

The interface of iMeme is very clear, something that makes the application very easy to use.

Therefore, download iMeme to be able to create your own memes.

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Antony Peel
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