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Immuni is the official application which has been developed by the Italian Ministry of Health to trace COVID-19 coronavirus infections via Bluetooth

Italian government app for tracing COVID-19 infections

August 30, 2021
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In the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, many governments have been working to take control and containment measures until a vaccine is available, effective treatments are found and the virus evolves. The government of Italy, one of the most affected countries in Europe, has launched the Immuni app.

Traceability of infections by controlling contacts

This application registers via Bluetooth those people with whom a possible infected person has been in contact. In this way, an app user who is diagnosed with coronavirus can offer, thanks to his smartphone, precise information about the people he has been with and thus trace infections and contain them. The application requires the activation of Bluetooth and that the user provides some data such as their region and province of residence.

But the debate around these applications is not so much about their usefulness but about the user's privacy, about how that data is going to be managed. That is why certain measures are taken, such as not collecting personal data, not tracking the identity or persons with whom one is in contact, encrypting connections, storing data on a server in Italy...

Also say that the app allows infected users to send a warning anonymously to those users with whom they have been in contact.

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