Impressive is a simple tool to view any PDF document as if it were a presentation. Download Impressive free and try out this practical tool on your computer

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Usually when you want to create a slideshow you have to create a presentation with the appropriate software. With Impressive this will no longer be necessary. All you will need to do is drag and drop your PDF document or folder with the images on the application's executable and an elegant slideshow will appear.

How Impressive works

How it works is rather peculiar. Impressive is written in Python and doesn't require installation. Once you expand the folder you will view the file impressive.exe. When you drag and drop the documents on this file, the presentation will automatically launch. To help control your slideshow, Impressive includes a series of shortcuts:

  • With the cursor keys you will be able to change the slide.
  • Zoom by pressing Z.
  • Thumbnails: if you press Tab you will see the pages as thumbnails.
  • Highlighted areas: if you drag and drop specific areas with the mouse, they will be highlighted from the rest.

Furthermore, by using the command line you will be able to configure and customize the presentation to your own liking.

View presentations comfortably with Impressive, a free tool.

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Antony Peel
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