Burn your own CDs and DVDs with InfraRecorder, an alternative to Nero dedicated exclusively to burning discs. Download InfraRecorder free to your computer

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When it comes to burning CDs and DVDs, the majority of users resort to Nero, a program that was one of the first to offer secure and reliable recordings, nevertheless, as time has gone by it has become a giant application suite that has all kinds of additional multimedia programs, that take up space on our hard drive.

  If you prefer an option that is only and exclusively developed to burn CDs and DVDs, and what's more is free and open source, a good alternative is Infrarecorder.

  Despite what its name may lead us to think, this program is above the general level of other free tools available to burn CDs and DVDs, standing out due to its simplicity and reliability.

  Just like it happens with Nero, InfraRecorder has a start menu where we will be able to choose the kind of disc that we want to create from a selection of icons: data disc, audio disc, video disc, write image, copy disc or read disc.

  How it works is very simple and intuitive, specially for those people that are used to the Windows Explorer or that have previously used programs like Nero.

  InfraRecorder supports double layer DVD, it has various methods to delete discs, it creates images in both the ISO and BIN/CUE formats, and it can import data from multi-session discs, among other features.

  A good and simple alternative to the big pay for applications with which we can concentrate on burning all kinds of CDs and DVDs in the most simple way.
Christian Kindahl
Over a year ago
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