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Install Instant Elevator Music to listen to your favorite music while you wait in front of your PC for a process to finish. Download Instant Elevator Music

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On many occasions, we can actually become rather exasperated while our PC finishes move some files or an application finishes processing a file, so if we turn these moments into something a lot more interesting, we will surely withstand these moments of wait with a better mood.

Make waiting times more entertaining

Instant Elevator Music is an application that will play a music file of our choice in the background while the computer carries out any process that requires a waiting period.

Per default it includes a harmonious song, typical of lifts, that is where the application gets its name from, even though it can be changed for any MP3 song stored on our hard drive, what's more, we can configure the application to be launched depending on the process that is being carried out, the fade-out time and the sounds general volume.

If you are looking for a utility with which it will be more pleasant and entertaining to wait in front of our PC while a process is being carried out, download and install Instant Elevator Music, a simple and free application.

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Scott McLure
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