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2.0 Instant Photo Sketch is the easiest way to transform your photographs into freehand drawings. Transform your photographs with Instant Photo Sketch
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If you have always wanted to have a charcoal sketch of somebody, but you aren't good at drawing at all, this will no longer be a problem thanks to Instant Photo Sketch.

How does it work?

How Instant Photo Sketch works is very easy, because it is only necessary to press one button to perform the transformation. The user will only have to look for the photo on the hard drive and select it, and once this is done it's only necessary to press on the green button in the middle of the interface for Instant Photo Sketch to transform the photo into a freehand charcoal sketch.

It must be said that Instant Photo Sketch doesn't offer many options, because it only allows the user to establish the detail level of the result drawing by means of a sliding bar and to zoom into the drawing so as to see the detail level with a better perspective.

Create a drawing from one of your photos almost instantly.

Therefore, if you want to create interesting drawings from your photos you only have to download Instant Photo Sketch to your computer.

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Antony Peel
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