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Apply filters and effects to your images with Instant Retro. Enjoy a free, online alternative to other applications like Instagram with Instant Retro

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Now you can apply filters and effects to your photos conveniently from the web. You just need to go to Instant Retro, a web application from which you can edit your images in a few steps without registration.

Apply filters and effects to any image quickly

In Instant Retro all you have to do is upload the image of your choice and you're ready to go. Once you have selected the snapshot, you'll be given options that allow you to control lighting levels, effects and filters to apply to your photo. After making the desired changes, simply save the image and you'll be shown a list of options to download or share on social networks.


  • Light levels and saturation controls.
  • Eight different effects such as lens, sun burnt or others.
  • Seventeen image filters.
  • Possibility to share on social networks and generate direct links.
  • Download extensions for Facebook and the Google Chrome browser.

Feel free to try out Instant Retro and check that it's more than an acceptable alternative to other apps like Instagram.

Instant Retro
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