IntelBurnTest is a tool that allows you to put your computer's CPU through a stress test and obtain performance data about your hardware's components

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Intel Linpack is the tool developed by the famous North American processor manufacturer that can be used to put a CPU through a stress test regardless of the chip's architecture. It's definitely not a tool that's easy to use but thanks to this IntelBurnTest things are much more simple. and understandable

Run stress tests easily on your PC

This program provides us with a graphical user interface that allows us to adjust the parameters with which we want to carry out the test. The latter allows us to know how our CPU is working under stressful situations and lets us know the cooling needs of our computer's central processing unit.

Compared to other tools of the likes of Primer95, Linpack (by means of this IntelBurnTest) takes less than a second to run the test in question and also offers us more accurate results, at least on 64-bit systems.

At the end of the day, it's a very useful tool for gamers as running video games is one of the most demanding tasks that a computer may have to face up to.

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Antony Peel
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