Interlex is a useful application with which it will be possible to learn vocabulary in any other language. Download Interlex and create vocabulary lists

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If you want to improve your vocabulary in a foreign language, this simple application will surely help you. We're talking about Interlex. To make it simple to understand, this program creates word and sentence lists that go together with their translations, so as to be able to check if you have learned the vocabulary.

A simple way to learn vocabulary and test your advances

First, we have to input the words and their translation. We'll also be able to add notes about how they are used or their grammar category. Thus, we can create a list of vocabulary that we're interested in. By default, the application includes vocabulary in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, both British and American English. The categories they cover are: clothes, education, food, health, etc.

After we have studied all this, we'll be able to complete different tests: the application will show us a word in our language and we'll have to write it in another language. We'll also be able to test reverse translation, translating the word into English. For these tests, Interlex will offer us statistics on our progress.

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