Internet Explorer 5 SP4

Service Pack 4

Internet Explorer 5 SP4 is the latest pack of updates for that browser. Download Internet Explorer 5 SP4 and you will be able to improve the security of IE5

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Internet Explorer 5 SP4 was the latest update that was launched on the market for that version of the famous Internet browser developed by Microsoft. As with all other SP (Service Pack) launched over the years, it was a pack of improvements and corrections for the security parameters of the application.

  Installing Internet Explorer 5 SP4 was essential on any computer that used that version of the browser, because the problems that surrounded some of the vulnerabilities that it solved were rather large, and they exposed the users to a full array of viruses and other kinds of malware that made use of those security holes.

  Just like with SP3, Internet Explorer 5 SP4 only offered support for Windows 2000, having already surpassed the life expectancy of Windows 98 when it was launched on the market.

  Therefore, is you still use Windows 2000 and you want to have the latest updates for one of the major contenders in the first browser war, download and install Internet Explorer 5 SP4, and make sure that your browser is as secure and stable as possible.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires Internet Explorer 5.01.
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