Internet Explorer 6 SP1

Service Pack 1

Internet Explorer 6 SP1 is the first pack of updates for the Microsoft browser. Download Internet Explorer 6 SP1 free on your PC and improve your browser

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If you have an operating system that is older than Windows Vista, you will know which is the browser that has dominated without rival for the most time, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6. Due to this fact it was updated with the Internet Explorer 6 SP1 to renew it and try to manage to keep its position regarding the rest of browsers.

  Even though it arrived in 2001, updating at the same time as Windows XP, it was a small revolution at that time, because it included improvements in the DHTML and implementation of the CSS, DOM level 1 and SMIL 2.0 standards. What's more, it was the first one to include multimedia features without having to open Windows Media Player independently and it integrated with Windows Messenger.

  This download updates Microsoft's browser with Internet Explorer 6 SP1 so that it receives both performance and security improvements, even though nowadays there are newer versions of Internet Explorer that simplify and adapt to the current Internet situation. Nevertheless, for outdated computers with operating systems that are older the Windows XP, this browser is still a good option.
Requirements and additional information:
This download is compatible with Windows XP without Service Pack 2 and older operating systems. It's necessary to have an active Internet connection for this Service Pack to work. This download requires Internet Explorer 6.
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