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Download IP Lookup free and check who is the owner of an IP address or an Internet domain. IP Lookup will show you what company or person are behind them

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If you want to know the exact person or company that can be found behind a website, there is no better choice than performing a WHOIS to the domain, and even though there are various online services that allow to perform this task, it is always more comfortable to do so from our desktop. IP Lookup is that client.

  With IP Lookup you will be able to know all the registry information of a domain, the servers where they are, the company that it belongs to, the acquisition date and diverse data that may be rather relevant or that can at least give us a clue towards who is behind each Internet domain.

  One of the advantages of IP Lookup is that you can store the results of the searches to check them whenever you want, as well as being able to perform various searches and have them open at the same time, making it possible to compare data.

  The programs interface is more than simple, with a field to fill in with the domain or the IP that we want to investigate, a history where it stores all the searches that we have performed and great area in which we will see the information that IP Lookup provides us.
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