IP Sniffer

IP Sniffer offers a pack of tools to analyze your network and the traffic that it generates. Download IP Sniffer and easily control your bandwidth

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IP Sniffer is a pack of tools that will allow us to perform all kinds of analysis on our network and the traffic that it generates. Furthermore, this download doesn't require installation, so we will be able to place it easily on a pendrive and use it with any computer that we work on.

  The tools included in IP Sniffer serve to measure and see a lot of data about the network traffic, covering a full range of different aspects, like:

  - Bandwidth monitor
- Wireless network controller
- Adapter statistics
- WHOIS queries
- Network configuration
- DNS queries
- TCP tools
- Port, routes and ARP entry lists and managers
- And many more

  The access to the most important tools can be done directly by means of icons in the programs main interface, where we will also have the option to see the traffic in real time and which remote IPs the computer is connecting to.

  Therefore, if you want a program that comprises all the tools necessary to know even the slightest detail about your network, download IP Sniffer.
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