IPViking Live Online

With IPViking Live, Norse offers us the possibility to watch the origin and target of distributed denial of service attacks all over the world live

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DDoS or distributed denial of service attacks are very popular in cyber terrorism to bring servers down, together with the web pages and networks they support. The latter are carried out by sending massive petitions to enter these servers, saturating their capacity. The security auditor Norse Corporation has a tool with which we can follow these attacks live all over the world.

All the information in just one glance

IPViking Live is the web tool with which you can follow all the activities of this kind of attack on the Internet. The information is arranged very visually, with a world map on which we can view both the origin and the target of the attacks. It also includes four panels with additional information:

  • Attack origin by company.
  • Targets of the attackers.
  • Registry of the attack.
  • Types of attacks.

This kind of action has allowed hackers to overthrow services like PlayStation Network or Xbox Live.

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