iQ Browser

iQ Browser is a practical web browser that is very light and fast. If you are looking for an alternative browser, download iQ Browser and check its features

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In general, the Internet browser market is currently dominated by those considered as the “Big 5” (Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Chrome and Safari), but there are other alternatives to be able to browse the Internet, with features that are similar to those offered by the most popular applications, as is the case of iQ Browser. This powerful browser only uses 2.3 MB of RAM when launched, turning it into a really light application, but not less powerful than other browsers.

  iQ Browser offers browsing by means of tabs, online bookmark system (to be able to access them from any other computer), support for plug-ins, skins library to customize the browser to our liking, function to auto-complete forms, optimization of JavaScript elements and a portable mode, thanks to which we can take this application wherever we want.

  If you're looking for an alternative to the classic Internet Explorer, but you don't want to use any other of the 'Big' browsers, you can download iQ Browser and enjoy its speed over the Internet.
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3 months ago
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