If you like astronomy and you take photographs of the sky, download Iris, an image editor specially designed for photographs of the heavenly bodies

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Iris can be a very handy tool for those people that are real astronomy enthusiasts, and have a liking to taking photographs of the firmament so as to be able to study the position of each of the celestial objects that can be seen in the sky from any part of Earth.

  It is an image editor that has a pack of tools specially adapted to work with astronomy photographs, with the final objective of being able to optimize any image in a matter of seconds.

  The program, as well as being able to work with the most common photograph formats (JPG, BMP, PNG,...), is also compatible with RAW files, thus offering the possibility to use photographs that have been taken with professional cameras.

  Some of the most noteworthy tools are the filter to eliminate noise, the automatic light corrector and spectrum analyzer, thanks to which we will be able to obtain the best images of any star or constellation of the galaxy.

  Download Iris and discover the best tool to treat photographs of celestial objects.
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Scott McLure
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