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Would you like to always be carrying a translation dictionary with more than 100 languages? If so, you need to install the iTranslate app onto your Android

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When you are learning a new language, the most essential tool for any method is a dictionary. With the help of a dictionary you can clear up any doubts and learn new words. And if it also includes extra features, as this app does, so much the better. Would you like to know what it has to offer?

Translate text with ease, or have spoken conversations in more than 100 languages.

A language dictionary and much more

If you are looking for a good virtual dictionary to help you learn and enhance your language skills and knowledge, iTranslate is a great option. It is very similar to Google Translate, but adds a few more features, and among them these are the main ones:

  • More than 100 languages.
  • Audio playback of words and phrases - choose the speed and a male or female voice.
  • See synonyms and verb conjugations.
  • Favorites, share and history functions.
  • List of essential phrases sorted by topic (travel, restaurants, shopping, work...).

Offline translation mode.

But this app has even more to offer if you decide to go for the pro version. Not only will everything be ad-free but it will also include offline translation mode, verb conjugations in different tenses and translations based on images or photos. Just what you need for learning that new language.

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