iTube does not have a specific download function. In fact, the main purpose of this tool is to play the content hosted on YouTube while providing some additional functions. Although it has no download button, by default, it stores the videos in the internal memory of the device, as a cache. Thus, it reduces data consumption, avoiding multiple downloads of the same content. Of course, this lets the user play it offline, that is, without an Internet connection.

To cache a video, all you have to do is locate it with the search engine.

Search for a video on iTubeSearch for a video on iTube

Tap on it to start playing. Then, wait for iTube to fully download the video. The progress is visible in the timeline of the player, which will turn orange as the download progresses.

Video download progressVideo download progress

To identify a cached video, you should look at the side indicator called Cached. If a video is marked in this way, it is available offline.

Video available offlineVideo available offline

Additionally, use the file explorer on your device to locate the videos. Just go to the playtube folder.

iTube’s folderiTube’s folder

There, the MP4 copy of the content is saved, and you can freely move it to any other folder or copy it to another device.

Downloaded videos on cacheDownloaded videos on cache

In short, the only way to watch a video offline with iTube is to play it at least once. After doing so, it will automatically be available offline. You must control the number of videos that are stored in the iTube cache. The more playbacks you start, the less free space is available on your device. Therefore, it is recommended that from time to time, you delete everything that iTube automatically stores in the internal memory.