iTube is a safe application. There are no user reports that indicate otherwise. Also, although it is not an application that is available in the Google Play Store, it can be downloaded from recognized platforms, such as the Galaxy Store, the Samsung application store.

About privacy, its developers assure that it is completely secure. The guarantee is based on three main points.

  • All permissions required by iTube are necessary for the application to function properly. When started for the first time, this tool asks for two permissions: access to storage and call management. The latter is somewhat peculiar, especially knowing that there are alternatives that do not require it. However, according to the developers, it is absolutely essential.
  • iTube does not collect or store any personal information. Or, to put it another way, this application is not a way to track users. If this is really true, iTube is a good alternative to the official YouTube app, ideal for preventing Google from analyzing your activity.
  • It does not send notifications with advertisements. After testing it for a few days, we can certify that this is true. Many similar apps take advantage of push notifications to send advertising to users. In the case of iTube, this has not been the case.

Two of the points mentioned in the above list are based on the brief explanations given by the owners of the application. In reality, it is difficult to determine whether these statements are true. In any case, beyond the excessive advertising it displays, iTube is a good alternative to enjoy YouTube content and some additional functionalities. Remember that if you want to download its latest version quickly and safely, you must use the link you will find on this page.