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Take you favorite songs and easily create your own mixes after you download Jackson DJ free on your PC. Crop parts and alter the order with Jackson DJ

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One of the most used tricks in the Djing world is to alter songs using elements from others, what is known as remixing or mashup. The current Djing software allows to perform these processes, but in a somewhat complex mode, that is why it is advisable for the remixers to use a tool like Jackson DJ.

   It is an application capable of reading our music library, analyze theme by theme and help us crop them in the different part that form part of it, so that once it is loaded in the player it is possible to alter the playing order of each part of a song, allowing us to repeat choruses, got directly back to the beginning of each verse or use a part of the percussion to introduce the next hit of a session.

   The program has three main parts, that are part of the mixing window, the file library and the converter. The interface is simple, as long as we have worked with similar applications, and it has a graphic environment that is bright and colorful.

   Jackson offers compatibility with external MIDI controllers and is capable of sending a synchronization signal through our sound card.

   If you are looking for a program with which to provide your sessions with originality and dynamics, try Jackson DJ.
Scott McLure
Scott McLure
Van Aeken Software
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