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JAM with Chrome offers a unique experience for music lovers. Access JAM with Chrome from your browser now and start playing music with your friends

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If you love music, you can enjoy your passion in many ways. If listening to your favorite band's songs isn't enough, check out JAM with Chrome. Play in your own band with up to three friends from your Google Chrome browser.

Play music with up to three friends without leaving the browser.

Create your own music in real time

JAM with Chrome is a Google experiment that uses advanced technologies to offer users a unique musical creation experience. This web application uses features of HTML5, CSS3 and Canvas, as well as WebSockets to enable collaboration with other users in real-time and Web Audio to ensure optimal sound quality.

Thanks to JAM with Chrome, you can put together your own virtual band and play music with your friends. Choose your instrument, follow the screen prompts and become a star.

There's no longer an excuse for not starting your own band. Thanks to JAM with Chrome this is now possible without leaving home and totally free.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This application requires the use of advanced web technologies such as Web Audio and WebSockets. For this reason, it is advisable to use from the Chrome browser.
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