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JamCloud has been developed to become the social network for music videos. Enjoy incredible DJ sessions over Internet, download JamCloud right now

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The idea behind JamCloud is to create a social network in which you will be able to enjoy DJ sessions with and without video, with the possibility for each of the users to become a DJ showing their own qualities and musical tastes.

Simply enjoy music or play what you want

Using JamCloud is rather simple, because after creating a user account, the main interface will open, and you will be able to choose between what and who you want to listen to, or you will be able to create a new channel in which you will be able to play your own musical selection, and you will even have the opportunity to join an existing channel and start mixing with the rest of DJs that are part of it.

JamCloud has an advanced search engine to find music videos by means of YouTube, in such a way that you will be able to integrate videos in the sessions, and you will also have a voting system with which the users will be able to vote positively and negatively the sessions that they view.

Create your own playlists

Apart from the social part of the program, JamCloud also allows the users to create their own playlists so that they will be able to listen to them regardless of the fact that they show them to the rest of the users of not.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy everything that one of the social networks of the future has to offer, you only have to download JamCloud.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You need to create a free user account to use this service.
  • This download requires Adobe AIR to work.
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