Download JaSFtp and automate the transfer of files between client and server. JaSFtp provides the functions necessary so you don't always be on the lookout

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Task automation is aimed at optimising time and costs, allowing you to spend resources on other needs. In the case of automating file transfers between a computer and a server, we can make use of JaSFtp.

Automate the transfer of files to a server

With JaSFtp you can easily automate the process of transferring files between a computer and a server. It is a flexible and easy-to-use application thanks to its graphical interface, capable of carrying out more than a thousand daily tasks. It has functions like the automatic renaming of files or the submission of emails about the status of the tasks, that allow us to pay attention to the latter only if it is strictly necessary.

Don't worry about file transfers between clients and servers.


  • Task scheduling by means of a graphical interface.
  • Launch tasks automatically or manually.
  • Automatic file renaming.
  • Compatible with FTP and SFTP.
  • Support for SSH protocols and 3DES, DES and Blowfish ciphers.
  • Notification emails about the status of the tasks.

Download JaSFtp and speed up your work, automating the transfer of files between client and server.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires the installation of Java Runtime Environment 1.6 or above, included in the application.
  • The trial version can be used during 30 days.
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