Java 64 bits

JRE 11.0.1

Java 64 bits JRE is the virtual machine that allows us to run applications developed in the programming language by Oracle on any Windows computer

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Java is one of the most used WORA (write once, run anywhere) programming languages in the world. Thanks to the latter, running programs and applications in this language is much easier mainly due to its portability since all its developments can be executed on any platform with the assistance of the corresponding virtual machine.

Java's essential runtime environment

This is Java 64 bits, the version of Oracle's virtual machine (developed by Sun Microsystems in the past) so that Windows computers with a 64-bit architecture can run apps written in this programming language, regardless of whether the software engineer in charge used macOS, Linux or whatever other platforms. Thanks to this Jave Runtime Environment or JRE, the user can access all the components and libraries necessary.

JRE also has a 32-bit version that just like this 64-bit version includes everything we need for the execution of applications, as well as all the software development tools both for the desktop and focused on the web. They are offered in the JDK pack or Java Development Kit, the development environment that comes along with the virtual machine and the corresponding APIs that are presented in three different versions depending on the user's needs:

  • SE (Standard Edition): for the execution of programs and the development of applications.
  • ME (Micro Edition): it offers the APIs necessary for the development of applications for smartphones and tablets.
  • EE (Enterprise Edition): it comes along with the development tools necessary for business environments.

Why should I download JRE?

Basically because, as we mentioned above, it's one of the most used in the world and as such it has become almost a standard. There are loads of applications and programs that require it to be installed to work on a computer. For instance, many online games are coded in Java and we need its virtual machine to play. Have you ever tried to play Minecraft without Java?

So Java and JavaScript are totally different then?

Yes, they are totally different although some people get them mixed up. JS is an interpreted client-side programming language implemented in web browsers or desktop applications that need to interact with web pages. Nothing to do with Java...

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