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Download JavaScript Debugger for free, an add-on for Firefox that installs a JavaScript debugging environment. You can now download JavaScript Debugger

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After creating a program it's necessary to test it. The procedure is known as debugging, and can be used to detect possible errors in the programing code that could lead to malfunctions. JavaScript Debugger is a free JavaScript code debugger based on Gecko.

Debug JavaScript code with Venkman

JavaScript Debugger is also known by its code name Venkman. This JavaScript debugger is compatible with Mozilla and Netscape browsers and provides an advanced work environment for this language.

Features of JavaScript Debugger

  • Detect context and syntax errors.
  • Work graphically or from the command line.
  • Analyze the Java code of the web pages you visit.

You only have to go to the "Tools" menu of your browser to locate the shortcut to the plug-in. It's easy to install, just like other plug-ins.

It's really easy to debug JavaScript with Firefox, you only have to start downloading JavaScript Debugger for free. Using JavaScript Debugger is quite simple and productive for development tasks.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Runs on Firefox versions prior to 5.0.1.
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