JDarkRoom is a text editor developed to write without distractions. If you need to concentrate on what you are going to write you have to download JDarkRoom

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Alert messages, horns, whistles, windows that jump... Any of these situations would be capable of breaking anybody's concentration. If you are a writer, or you are used to fulfilling writing tasks, you will know how important keeping your concentration can be and the dangers that you may face when trying to maintain it.

Don't let anything distract you during your creative process

JDarkRoom is a text editor that allows you to write without distractions. You can change colors, sources and sizes, and find the environment that works out best for you to maintain your concentration while writing. The software is capable of notifying you if you forget to save the document and remember the last file that you worked on.

It has a counter of characters and lines, adjustable margins for any screen resolution, autosave, text searches... It provides multiple possibilities that people that are trying to avoid bothersome distractions will surely like.

Keep your concentration while you write with this simple application. You can download JDarkRoom for free, thanks to which you will be able to finish writing that novel you've been working on.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires Java RunTime Environment 1.4.2.
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Antony Peel
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