Communicate by means of voice messages once you download JDVoiceMail for free. Capture and record the message and add it to your emails with JDVoiceMail

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JDVoiceMail is the application that you need if you prefer to send voice messages instead of emails. This software will allow you to record on an audio file as much time as you want so as to attach it later to an email and easily send it to whoever you want.

  This software is very small but contains options that are more than enough to accomplish its purpose. It allows you to encode the audio in MP3, DSP and GSM in such a way that you'll be able to reduce the size of any file up to ten times without losing sound quality.

  Furthermore, JDVoiceMail includes a small electronic address book to be able to quickly send the recording to the corresponding person. In this address book it's even possible to include photos to know whom you have to select. This turns it into a perfect program for people that aren't very used to working with computers.

  Recording messages to send them by email is really simple thanks to the interface used by JDVoiceMail, because it completely adapts the recording, showing big clear buttons and integrating perfectly with the email client that you use by default.
Juan Diego Sendra
Over a year ago
This year
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