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11.0.1 One of the must-have apps on any mobile device is a good music player. If you are looking for a decent one, jetAudio is a user-friendly and complete option
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This application is a standard kind of music player, which works just fine for regular users who just want to listen to their favorite tracks with no hassle. More advanced users can enjoy sound effects (careful, some you have to pay for) an equalizer for personalizing every audio experience and music using the internet. In addition, this tool plays almost any kind of music file - from MP3 to OFF, M4A and FLAC, among many others. The app will allow you to listen to your favorite tunes organized in different ways:

  • Genre
  • Device folder
  • Personalized play lists
  • Artists
  • Songs
  • Albums
  • From the internet

For those who would like to personalize their listening experience.

Make a personalized loop for songs

Additionally, the free version of jetAudio features functions such as volume control, crossfade, a control for sharing what you are listening to on your social networks, and an interesting option for having a part of a song repeat in a loop from one point of the song to another, that is chosen by you. Meanwhile, the paid-for version includes some other very interesting tools, such as being able to view song lyrics, two locking screens, 14 different widgets and different visual themes.

You can listen to the stuff you love on an app that has a bit of everything – basic free functionality or supped-up sounds for the more discerning for a fee. Whichever you prefer, this app makes listening to music easy, comfortable and hassle-free.

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Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
Team Jet
6 months ago
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