John's Background Switcher John's Background Switcher is an application that allows you to change the desktop wallpaper automatically. Download John's Background Switcher for free
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Windows 7 includes the automatic desktop wallpaper changing, but it only allows the use of images that are stored on the computer. Now thanks to John's Background Switcher the user will have access to many more options.

Change the desktop wallpaper automatically

How John's Background Switcher works, known also by its diminutive JBS, it relatively simple, the user will only have to choose the photographs that will be used and defined when that image changes should take place.

Use your images from Flickr or Picasa.

Unlike that majority of similar applications, JBS includes a very interesting option, that allows the use of online albums as desktop wallpaper, thus the user will be able to define a Flickr or Picasa account and use the galleries that it includes as desktop wallpaper.

John's Background Switcher is also compatible with other services like Facebook, Vladstudio, Phanfare, Webshots, Google and Bing image searches and even RSS.

Additionally, John's Background Switcher is compatible with computers with more than one screen, offering the possibility to define a wallpaper for each of the screens.

Therefore, if you want to have access to a tool that will allow you to use all kinds of images as wallpaper on your computer, you only have to download John's Background Switcher for free.

Requirements and additional information:
  • To use images from an online account you need to to have an Internet connection.
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