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Joke Prank Electric Screen is an app to play pranks on your Android by pretending to receive an electric shock when touching your smartphone's screen

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There are all sorts of apps to play pranks on smartphones and tablets. This application we're dealing with here is yet another one of them and is all about making our friends think that our device gives out electric shocks. It goes by the name of Joke Prank Electric Screen.

App to simulate electric shocks when touching our phone

By downloading and installing the APK, your screen will incorporate the effects of an electric shock. The latter will be recreated whenever someone touches it, with an animation that simulates the shock, including sound and vibration.

It comes along with a basic version with a blue electricity current but you can unlock effects with other colors. For such purpose, you'll have to collect coins through different methods: either watching advertising videos (which will add 50 coins to your account), sharing the app on social networks (50 coins per share) or playing the mini-game Potty vs Bugs, a platform game with over 80 levels and 4 worlds to complete each mission. The truth is that the latter is the most entertaining way to earn coins.

Your phone will simulate electric shocks... although they look a bit shabby.

The truth is that this is definitely not the best application to play pranks on Android. Mainly because it's not very realistic and because you need to get hold of too many coins to be able to unlock different effects... In fact, you'll need about 2,500 to be able to unlock probably the best effect of them all that activates your device's flashlight.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.
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