Jokosher is a free audio editor with which you will be able to create your own songs. Download Jokosher free and easily edit music with a multitrack editor

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If you like music and you're thinking about editing your own songs, you may be interested in Jokosher. It's a free tool that allows you to edit audio with multiple tracks. But the best thing about Jokosher is how easy it is to use. With an intuitive and simple interface, you can start editing songs without any problems.

An open-source multitrack audio editor.

With Jokosher you'll be able to edit songs in a basic manner, like cutting a piece, or repeating a chorus. But, what's more, it has a multitrack function with which you will be able to add instruments and compose your own songs. Jokosher allows you to add several kinds of instruments, like acoustic guitars, bass drum, harmonica or several effects. You'll be able to add as many as you want and modify the tempo.

Edit and add instruments to your music compositions.

Jokosher can mix songs, normalize the audio, add silences, modify the amplitude of a sound or cut and paste pieces from a song. All this with great ease, in such a way that any user without experience will be able to do it. Jokosher is compatible with MP3, WAV and OGG formats.

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