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1.2 Joli OS is an operating system that only installs its core on the computer. Enjoy an operating system based on the cloud by downloading Joli OS for free
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The Joli OS project (that was originally born as Jolicloud) was designed an operating system focused on netbooks and other low power computers, having part of the system on the computer and another large part on the cloud.

Cloud-based operating system

But as time has gone by things have changed and Joli OS does without everything except the core on the computer, providing more weight to the online applications and services so as to boost the possibilities of all computers.

Joli OS can be installed on a computer with a Windows operating system, combining the use of both operating systems. Its main potential is that its directory is virtual, having the majority of elements on the cloud.

The system as such is compatible with multiple online applications and services that can be installed like icons on the desktop with a simple click of the mouse, and uninstalled with the same ease. Furthermore, all these applications and services can be found in a single window of the system.

One of the most complicated things up to now was the possibility to access local files, but with the latest version of the system they have fixed this problem and it's now possible to use the files in the Windows partition from Joli OS.

Therefore, if you want to have access to one of the operating systems of the future, you only have to download and install Joli OS.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This operating system requires an active Internet connection to work.
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