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Access television from your Mac by using Joost. From now on you'll be able to watch television on your Mac over the Internet, just download Joost free

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Joost has been one of the best examples of how much television can be adapted to be watched over the Internet. Since the audience still wants to watch series, films and programs, but not to do so from the couch, the perfect answer is Joost, a software application that allows us to watch almost any program from our computer.

  Televisions from all over the world provide Joost with contents, so we'll find important series, quality films or interesting programs. Thus, it's possible to access the contents without having to do so according to the timetable that the televisions choose. You simply have to open Joost, select what you want to see and the program will take care of getting hold of it. Quick and easy.

  The quality of the image and sound of the more than 250 channels available in Joost is very high and, what's more, it includes functions like an RSS reader with which we can obtain the latest videos automatically or share them on blogs and social networks.

  Joost has an elaborate interface and it proves that usability isn't incompatible with quality, because all the options necessary are always at hand, and all the contents are shown in an organized and friendly manner.
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