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Jotti is a web on which you can scan files to check if they contain something dangerous or malware. Analyze your files with nearly 20 different antivirus

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Why use only an antivirus when you can use up to 20 different programs to analyze your files? Jotti is an online antivirus scanner that analyzes any of the files that you upload to the web with nearly 20 different antivirus of the most important security companies.

Review suspicious files with various antivirus programs.


  • Upload and analyze your files with various different antivirus to detect any danger they may contain.
  • Scans carried out with the Linux version of each of the programs.
  • Analyze files of up to 25 MB in size.
  • Obtain data to carry out a checksum.

Simply locate the files that you want to analyze on your PC and upload them to the websites. The analysis will start after a moment and it will provide you will data obtained from the antivirus scanners available: Avast!, AVG, Avira, Eset, etc.

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