1.8.0 JPEGsnoop is a simple tool to check if a digital image has been manipulated. Discover if a photograph has been enhanced by using JPEGsnoop on your PC
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JPEGsnoop is an application that analyzes images and shows data about each file's history. In the digital era, it is difficult to recognize if an image has been manipulated and enhanced, or not. JPEGsnoop will help you to find out the photo's origin, determine if it has been enhanced and even establish the program that has been used to modify it.

Discover if a photo has been tricked or enhanced

It is very easy to handle: you open the images, wait for JPEGsnoop to analyze it, and in a few seconds it will show you the information. The application doesn't require installation, and it allows you to analyze images in JPEG, PDF, RAW, AVI, MOV and DNG format.

JPEGsnoop analyzes the EXIF tags that are recorded in the image. In these tags, you will find information about the camera used to take the photograph, the color histograms, and even the compression data. Thus, you will easily be able to know everything about the history of a photo or video frame. And at the end of the report, JPEGsnoop will indicate if the image has been modified or not.

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Antony Peel
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