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Having all your images in a PDF document is very simple with JPG to PDF. It's a free online tool that converts JPG files into PDF almost instantly

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JPG to PDF is the easiest way to convert your images in JPG/JPEG format to a PDF document, as it works online without having to install anything on your PC.

Convert your images to PDF.

As well as JPG, this free webapp is compatible with many other formats such as GIF, PNG or BMP.

How JPG to PDF works

Having your images compiled in a PDF file is very simple:

  1. Drag the files you want to convert to the box that reads "Drop images here" or select the files from your PC by clicking on "Choose file".
  2. Choose the document's size and orientation, as well as the margins.
  3. Press "Create PDF now!".
  4. Once the PDF has been created, you only have to click on "Download File Now" to get hold of it.

The entire process is carried out on the cloud, without using your computer's resources. The images you upload to this online tool remain on smallpdf's servers for an hour and are then deleted.

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