Junkware Removal Tool


Junkware Removal Tool is a Windows program that analyzes your system and removes all sorts of junk software that may affect the performance of your PC

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As you already know, there's a wide range of programs to remove the junk from a computer, such as CCleaner. Malwarebytes, the company that develops software to protect our computer against different malware threats, has its own version: Junkware Removal Tool. It's capable of removing up to 250 junk software varieties such as adverts or unwanted toolbars.

Quick analysis and cleaning

It stands out above all for the speed with which it's capable of analyzing our system in search for useless software. But also for the very few resources that it uses... in fact, you'll see how its interface has been reduced to the minimum expression as we only have to hit a key to launch the process, being able to stop it whenever we want.

The program doesn't require installation as it works by simply double-clicking on the EXE file and extracting the files into the temporary folder (in other words, it's a portable program). Once the operation has finished, we'll be shown a TXT log that we can save if we want.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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