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Delete your user account on many services and web platforms by entering Justdelete.me free. You will be able to unregister from them all from the same place

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Opening user accounts on web services is essential, but you run the risk of leaving your personal details in unsafe hands. On many occasions you stop using those platforms, but your account is still there, in limbo... Justdelete.me is a web that makes it easier for you to unregister.

Colour code

Justdelete.me is a sort of directory of URL addresses from which you can unregister your user account. It also shows the information available regarding the process, so as to be used as a guide.

It includes dozens of different platforms classified according to a code of 4 colours, depending on the difficulty of the procedure. The truth is that everyone wants to gain users, but nobody wants to lose them:

  • Green: services in which it is relatively easy to delete a user registry.
  • Yellow: medium difficulty. Some extra steps may be involved.
  • Red: cannot be fully deleted without contacting with customer services.
  • Black: literally impossible to remove an account.

Unregister from dozens of online services that you no longer use and that shouldn't have your details. Check the addresses where you can file your petition, find out how difficult it is to complete the process and leave no traces on the Internet by accessing Justdelete.me for free.

Robb Lewis, Ed Poole
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