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JustUnfollow shows you which users don't follow you on Twitter to remove them from your contacts. JustUnfollow also detects users with inactive profiles

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There are quite a few essential tools to be able to make the most of your Twitter account. Add JustUnfollow to that list, a tool that allows you to unfollow those users that don't follow you or inactive users.

3 million registered users.

The reciprocity of relations on Twitter is very important, as well as publishing information on a regular basis. JustUnfollow detects the users that you follow, but that don't follow your profile, and also the users whose profiles are inactive for long periods of time. You will be able to remove both types of users from your list of contacts and do a clear out.

No downloads or installations.

Features of JustUnfollow

  • Compatible with several user accounts.
  • Copy Follower function: copy the followers of other profiles and reach your potential audience.
  • Create a whitelist and blacklist of users.
  • Become a featured user and increase your number of followers exponentially.
  • Works well on mobile devices.

JustUnfollow is ideal both for ordinary users, as well as community managers and professionals who work on social networks. Access the application and manage your followers on Twitter.

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