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K9 AntiSpam is an effective tool that will filter the emails you receive to avoid spam. Download K9 AntiSpam for free and forget about bothersome spam

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K9 AntiSpam is an essential tool, because spam is currently one of the greatest problems on the Internet. And since it is impossible to completely eliminate all the unwanted publicity that some companies can end up sending, it is better to resort to a tool like this.

  Many people gave this project a lot of support before it was launched and the truth is that it was worth it. K9 AntiSpam detects a large amount of spam, even though you will have to train it in advance. Just as if it were a dog, you have to teach it which mail is good and which bad. The good mail will be included on the white list, the bad on the blacklist. Of course, you should make sure which are included in the blacklist because you will never receive any mail from this address again.

  After a few days of adaptation, K9 AntiSpam will filter almost all the unwanted mail that arrives in your inbound mail tray. Be it by means of lists, banned IPs or other less orthodox techniques.

  Furthermore, once configured you will be able to view different logs, statistics and configurations of this brilliant AntiSpam filter that acts before the mail arrives to your mail desktop client.
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