Kaspersky Cleaner Beta

Optimize Windows to make it run like the very first days thanks to Kaspersky Cleaner, a great alternative to CCleaner to remove unwanted files from your PC

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Until now Kaspersky's products were mainly focused on protecting our computer against virus and malware, but the new Kaspersky Cleaner intends to become a solid alternative to CCleaner to optimize the performance of our Windows computer, removing junk and temporary files from our PC.

A cleaner that puts the focus on privacy.

From a very simple and elegant interface, we'll just have to press the Start Scan button for the program to analyze our computer searching for how to solve problems or improve its efficiency. Then, we'll only have to click on Fix to repair the flaws detected.

What can Kaspersky Cleaner do for you?

This cleaner focuses mainly on four aspects to make our computer work more efficiently:

  • System cleaning: remove temporary files, clean the cache memory and the list of recent documents and empty the recycling bin.
  • Restoration of system settings: restore settings that can affect the computer's operability, such as access violations or invalid associations.
  • Private browsing: block the gathering and use of your personal data while you browse the Internet, by modifying the operating system's security settings.
  • Activity log cleaning: clean your search history, remove cookies and Windows logs.
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