Kaspersky CoinVault Decryptor If you've been a victim of a ransomware attack by means of CoinVault or Bitcryptor, you can now recover all your files with Kaspersky CoinVault Decryptor
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One of the most prolific kinds of malware of our days is definitely ransomware, that software that hijacks our files and prevents us from using them until we don't pay a ransom. And one of the most popular ransomware strains is CoinVault together with its evolution Bitcryptor, that have already attacked thousands of victims in dozens of countries.

Recover the access to your files without paying a cent.

If you're one of them you'll be happy to know that Kaspersky and the Dutch police have jointly developed the tool called Kaspersky CoinVault Decryptor that contains almost 15,000 encryption keys used in these ransomware campaigns so that you can recover your files without having to pay any kind of ransom.

How to recover files hijacked with CoinVault

  • Take not of the list of encrypted files indicated by the ransomware.
  • Use an antivirus to remove any trace of the malware.
  • Download and run CoinVault Decryptor.
  • Indicate the route where the list of encrypted files can be found.
  • Let Kaspersky's tool do all the dirty work.

As you can see, this tool is extremely useful if you've suffered a ransomware attack. Although in an ideal world you'd never have to download this file because you'd take logical preventive measures, such as not visiting suspicious websites, not opening attached files from unknown sender or keeping your antivirus up to date, among others.

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