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Kawaii Mansion is an amazing puzzle game app where we will have to look for all kinds of objects in beautiful rooms full of gadgets and other stuff

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If you enjoy puzzle games and cute things, you are going to love this game. We will explore the beautiful scenery of a ruined mansion full of gadgets, junk, and very cute objects.

Help Noah find his things

By downloading the APK of Kawaii Mansion, we will be able to enjoy a puzzle game that stands out for its beautiful graphics made with 2D pastel tones. Our mission will be to find the hidden objects in each scenario as quickly as possible. But of course, the scenarios are full of stuff, forming a horror vacui worthy of Marie Kondo's nightmares.

Use your eyesight skills to earn stars by finding objects in adorable scenes.

The game begins when a humble interior designer gets a proposal from Noah, the mansion's owner. The job commissioned is to completely redecorate the mansion. But to do so, we will have to solve lots and lots of beautiful puzzles using our observation skills.

After solving each puzzle, we will get stars. The stars are used to redecorate the house and integrate new elements. The best thing is that, for each element we include, we can choose from three designs, giving a personal touch to our mansion.

The experience is completed with a heartwarming story, charismatic characters, and an excellent soundtrack. This game will get our attention thanks to its kawaii graphics that will melt even the iciest heart.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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Manuel Sánchez
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