Kazaa Lite Resurrection


Kazaa Lite Resurrection is a P2P client with which you will be able to download files from other users. Download Kazaa Lite Resurrection and check it out

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Kazaa has been one of the most used P2P clients of the last few years, basically because it was very easy to use and had a large user community.

A simple, quick and free P2P client

Now we have the opportunity to enjoy the Fasttrack network once again thanks to Kazaa Lite Resurrection. It is a clone of Kazaa Lite K++, that as well as offering us the same simplicity and performance of the original, also includes some utilities with which it will be a lot easier to identify the files that we download.

The program includes K-Sig, KaZuperNodes, KChecker, MP3 Checker, TagScanner, VLC, Bad IP Updater, GSpot and HOSTS Manager, tools that allow us to preview the songs and films that we download, quickly change nodes or find out what codec has been used to process a file.

As for the program's graphics, there is little worth highlighting because it almost uses the same interface on which the tool is based.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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